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Oct 2 I don't believe you (Tucson)

Oct 2 finding stain....

Oct 2 Re:example a (your honor) (Thats it?)

37 Oct 2 Garett Lewis am radio790 host,asshole 37

Oct 2 stainavistaraunch (stillsuckstobeachildmolesterdontitstain)

47 Oct 2 signs a man is a homosexual man 47 (north tucson)

19 Oct 2 cameras everywhere!! 19 (tucson)

Oct 2 IM PISSED the next thing you will give driving directions pic

Oct 2 Public Notice

Oct 2 stain isnt stain (washinstain thats where u aint)

Oct 2 example a (your honor) pic

Oct 2 this is great, thanks again for info (havent done a thing never did but u ?) pic

Oct 2 re; Public notice Attn: to the user known as pats inner thigh, Seattle pic

12 Oct 1 w.t.f? big brother is up to now?? 12 (all of the !!) pic

Oct 1 I love the shaming stares (Tucson)

Oct 1 Public notice

Oct 1 re: Davis Mountian hosting aliens!

Oct 1 gonna be twice as bad what I do to you (tucson )

Oct 1 re...... Davis Monthan hosting aliens (Level 4 Section 2 DM Space Base �)

Oct 1 If I don't want the government to know I'm playing Starcraft.. (Tucson)

Oct 1 Tatto shop warning = Alien program in action (tucson)

Oct 1 RE::::: Davis Monthan hosting aliens (Alpha Centuri Omega, AZ)

50 Oct 1 re: homosexual men ect and soforth 50 (central tucson)

Oct 1 Internet Trolling is a form of mental illness pic

Oct 1 Davis Monthan hosting aliens

Oct 1 you are done when you say you are done pic

Oct 1 enough withg the chomo stuff we want to know more about murder/rape

Oct 1 almost sweet 16 and what would she cry about? (dow know)

Oct 1 any time the chomo cries, everyone else says fuck you

Oct 1 stupid people (tucson)

Oct 1 i CAN crush you (ha ha ha hA HA)

Oct 1 re attention

99 Oct 1 signs a man is a homesexual 99 (tuscon dunes)

Oct 1 Spooky RnR

Sep 30 Patricks thigh inner

Sep 30 PROOF: D.M.A.F.B. what is hiding there? pay attention (tucson)

96 Sep 30 keep an i out! I MEAN IT! 96 (flowing well's) pic

666 Sep 30 Yes, Virginia. There is a sandy clause. 666 (Ye Olde Pueblo) pic

Sep 30 re: Fuck the stupid UGLY bitches with dyed red hair & Tattoos (wtf) pic

Sep 30 Throw me a bone (Tucson)

Sep 30 Fuck the stupid UGLY bitches with dyed red hair & Tattoos (tucson Bookmans)

Sep 30 Chemtrails.. delicius (Tucson)

Sep 30 re;... Tipping Delivery Drivers pic

Sep 30 RE:: RE: Verizon (DM)

Sep 30 RE>Government mafia - OKAY TOUGH GUY....OH SO TOUGH!!!! (TUCSON)

Sep 30 RE: Verizon (Tucson)

Sep 30 Government mafia

Sep 30 Ac in October?

Sep 30 Troll hunter

Sep 30 N/W Steve Pedophile Troll Pats Whoop Folks Govt Hunter/Tweeker Troll

Sep 30 City, County, Federal

Sep 30 Koch brothers. They bankroll local republicans wonder why? (Oro Valley)

Sep 30 RE>Aliens Land In Tucson, Almost Immediately Leave (with the hammer do (NO! NO! IT'S NOT SO!)

Sep 30 All apologies

Sep 30 This city should love me (Tucson)

Sep 30 Aliens Land In Tucson, Almost Immediately Leave (with the hammer down) pic

Sep 30 Arizona, nuff said (Tucson) pic

Sep 30 RE:>OMFG -- Ghosts, in the TPD station... ††π (Can't tell you. Secret!)

Sep 30 attention

Sep 30 OMG! Tucson realtors CARRYING guns!!! (Tucson) pic

Sep 30 re;;; I love chemtrails (tucson)


Sep 30 OMFG -- Ghosts, in the TPD station... (video inside) (Tucson)

Sep 30 N/W Troll Is The Troll Hunter (he's always here trolling )

Sep 30 Lol

Sep 29 thanks again for info, will pass on

Sep 29 I love chemtrails (Tucson)

Sep 29 DM Space Base (awesome) !!!! (Colossal Cave Command Center Cavern c3)

Sep 29 re.... (DM Space Base) Awesome! (DM Space Base beta level 4) pic

Sep 29 October thirteenth - I know (Huh?)

Sep 29 Re, Re: cameras everywhere (South tucson)

Sep 29 copy

Sep 29 Re: Re: Verizon Bankrupt, Fudd Livid (DM Space Base) pic

Sep 29 re.... female who like to go fast - forgot to say.... (Tucson)

Sep 29 Such a Deal I got for you..RE:My WTB ad for a diesel truck (Casa Grande) pic

Sep 29 WTF? re... Verizon Bankrupt, Roadways That Much Safer (nationwide) (World Wide somewhere) pic

Sep 29 RE: Verizon Bankrupt, Roadways That Much Safer Uh HUH SURE it is.... (Where?)

21 Sep 29 Re: cameras everywhere 21 (az)

Sep 29 The CoNsPiRaCy mental illness (Big Tucson,AZ) pic

Sep 29 Verizon Bankrupt, Roadways That Much Safer (nationwide) pic

Sep 29 Chemtrail HOAX revealed - The reality - The Science - Facts (Oro Valley)

Sep 29 CoNsPiRaCiEs here there everywhere PROOF..OK CHEECH (PYSCH WARD in TUCSON)

Sep 29 RE; �����Selling your home yourself in Tucson?���� (Another pathetic REALTOR!)

Sep 29 My WTB ad for a diesel truck

52 Sep 29 Redhead 1/2 of couple, a resort this weekend, had Hello Kitty tramp 52 (marana) pic

44 Sep 29 Verizon Wireless Crappy Service and rates going up worst mobile co 44 (Tucson)

Sep 29 RE : October thirteenth pic

Sep 29 thanks for info

Sep 29 thanks

Sep 29 Re: Check out this Attack (Libatack) pic

Sep 28 It occurred to me.. (Tucson)

Sep 28 Check out this Attack

Sep 28 rave, craigs wanted pic

34 Sep 28 Parents not parenting 34 (Pretty much everywhere)

Sep 28 Re: Government False Flag Attack

Sep 28 Ignore, Flag, & Report (The WWW)

Sep 28 Re Attention law enforcement

Sep 28 Ignore, Flag, & Report (The WWW) pic

Sep 28 Pork products

Sep 27 Re: Improperly Strung Marionette [Re: Thoughts (maybe?)]

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