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Re: About the whole SONY thing...

RE No good cops

37 Magazines @ Target 37 (Target on Oracle)

RANT- buying washers off Craigslist

TOI (Grant Rd )

SONY: You SUCK and are a bunch of PUSSY'S!!!!!! (Hollywood) pic


No such thing as a good cop! ANYWHERE! (next door to you)

50 Public Reward Offered: Beware of this Criminal 50 (tucson)


99 signs your boyfriend/husband was in jail or prison before 99 (campbell and drexell)




backgammon = back sack


Sicko,Wacko, (patsinnerthigh) is BACK!... last 4-5 post


Prosecute McDonald's Employees! pic


Re:Re:Re:Re: Backgammon


🚙 🚙 🚙 🚙 New years (inyohaid)

Monday Dec. 15, 2014 (SSDD) pic

Re:Re:Re: Backgammon



Craigslist is a government data mining hub

hi to my racist

Backgammon update

53 Thank You for the Truth! 53

Women who want kids and looking for men (aka sperm donors)

Re: Fair and Balanced? Bullshit! (NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX)

Re: Fair and Balanced? Bullshit! (NBC,CBS,ABC,FOX)

re: 4th ave street fair... got us a real sicko!

fair and balanced rebuttal

35 The Tweetie Bird is Singing 35 (n.tucson) pic

Thanks for all your support!

Arizona (Arizona)



welcome moth

Hey, Jeremy!

25 Why aren't people rioting about this? 25 (Chicago)

re: "into the flame" & the rest of this Idiots post!

re: An outsider's look.... - (Tucson)

into the flame

30 An outsider's look....(edited again) 30 (Tucson)

Rip off nasty girls wanting a daddy for the night (22 / freeway)

48 Amusing scam 48 (tucson arizona)

54 Useful Idiots 54

I think you owe me A GREAT BIG APOLOGY (tucson)

Stinky shark aka N/W

and the question remains, where are they now?

Re: Mark the shark is back...

knock knock pic

66 MARK the SHARK is BACK! 66 (I'm a shark!) pic

45 Stupidity, last post! 45 (oro valley)

The government made me fat (Tucson)

54 Our goverment, wish for extermination 54 (Tucson)

53 do not use 53


Why must I do all. the work??

So, I go to the auto part store yesterday and - 51 (parts house) pic

51 So, I go to the auto part store yesterday and 51 (parts house)

women should know how to please a slob glob

slob glob flags his own words................. (that means he hates himself ) pic

Wished I'd seen this video Valerie C. (Oro Valley)

Re: Useful Idiots

re: My ex moved out of state with my daughter! Need help and advice

25 My ex moved out of state with my daughter! Need help and advice 25 (tucson)

Random guess time (Tucson)

still no comprende (police state)

All gays must be killed for AIDS-free world: US pastor (a gay-free world!) pic

No comprende (Tucson)

50 re:::::niggs 50

Vomit Globber Blob Slob Vomits on himself

16 re: double standard 16

Slobber Glob Vomit Slob, Vomits the Globber Blobber Slobber (and we all puke)

re: dead Christma tree

Sorry glob Blob Slob, sorry you are a Glob Blob (WORD up globber slob) pic

found this old post, wondering what it means and who wrote it

Hey guys whatsup (tucson)

why is the CL child molester so intrested in serial killers

Congrats! You found pat

Fuck the stupid bitches on eharmony (Tucson)

Here is the REAL picture of Slob Glob (Tucson) pic

question about my last posting

Pima County Board of Supervisors (az)

Re Niggers (tucson)

Stop with the "UP TO" sales!

The KNEE GROWS are rioting! pic

Re nigs n wigs

Re Christians pic

i don't get it (Tucson)

America's Concentration camps (Sheriff Joe Arpaio)


Fat skanks (Tucson)

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